Ground Mount 204Cv Flower Display

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  • Antique Copper Ground Mounted flower vase holder

  • Mounted to flat ground surfaced memorials

  • Stays out of way for mowing & landscaping

  • Includes matching flower vase

  • Very Easy to Install

  • Color : Antique Copper

  • Size : 4" Ground Mount

Monumate memorial flower holders are the perfect compliment to your loved one's grave site. The attractive holders will enhance the beauty of most any type of headstone. They are very adaptable and made in two types of styles, side mount and ground mount. The ground mount holder is designed with an angled bracket that supports the flower container above a flat stone memorial. The flat steel over the memorial marker allows grass to be trimmed and mowed without disrupting the marker. This is highly preferred by a growing amount of cemeteries. The ground mount is very easy to install. Both styles are available in either antique silver or antique copper. The finish is a hardened powder coat that will last for years and years. These are VERY heavy duty holders!