Practical Leather Tools Miusie 60 Pcs Complete Craft Sewing Kit For Beginner/Professional-Leather Crafting Kit For Bookbinding /Sewing/Leather Craft Diy/Leather Working/Leather Making

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  • THE MOST COMPLETE LEATHER MAKING KIT:These leather crafting tools including 2 stitching wheel tools,1 safety skiver,1 cutting knife,1 adjustable groover,1 awl,1 needle kit,steel 4mm 1/2/4/6 prong ,1 copper sewing awl, 1 set of stamping tools,5 waxed threads,1 beeswax,2 finger cots,1 thimble ring,5 nail files,3 wool daubers,1 cutting mat,1 A4 leather skin (8.26inch11.69inch),1 A5 leather skin ( 5.82inch8.26inch)(both color random),1 handy seam ripper .

  • SUPER PRACTICAL SET:This hand sewing leather kit including all of the leather tooling tools ,so if you own this one,you needn't worry about lacking tool in the process of basic leather crafting.

  • GOOD PERSONALIZED TOOLS:If you want to seek your own style or want to be unique,you can use this leather making kit to make your special bags,wallets,key bags,which can also be used by beginners.

  • GOOD WAY TO SAVE MONEY:We usually have many leather projects at home,they can be damaged easily.When the problem comes,we can use these hand working tools to solve the problems easily,which can save us a lot of money.

  • CHEAP BUT OWN HIGH QUALITY:As a seller,we clearly know that repeat customers are the main source of our sales, so we have been emphasizing high requirement of quality.This hand sewing set can ensure a long-time use.

  • Color : 60Pcs

  • Size : 60Pcs


Complete leather craft tool set

This leather making set including

Needle set(total 7pieces)1

Adjustable groover(with six accessories)1

Different types of stitching wheel tool2

Beveler skiver1

Cutting knife1


Steel 4mm 1/2/4/6 prong

Copper sewing awl 1

Stamping tools set1

Finger cot2

Thimble ring1

Nail file5

Wool dauber3

Cutting mat1

Handy seam ripper 1

A4 leather skin1,

A5 leather skin1 (color random)

Waxed thread5


Built to last

To ensure you'll get full value for your money, our Leather Stitching Tools are made from the BEST materials available. Unlike other regular knockoffs, our innovative design makes these sewing kits well suited for cutting, sewing, stitching and excellently crafting your leather designs.

Perfect for a variety of uses

We've fully stocked this sewing needle and thread kit with all necessary equipment to offer convenience and versatility needed for professional or beginner DIY use. Now you can use these leather working tools when making awesome bag, wallet, canvas or even key bag designs. Grab your own today, and engage your creative instincts.

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